Ahren Will Launch its Webinar Series “A Glimpse into the Future” on The Cutting Edge Stage at CognitionX

23 June, 2020

Ahren is delighted to announce its “A Glimpse into the Future” webinar series! The series will launch on The Cutting Edge stage at the CogX Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI & Breakthrough Technology, the largest event of its kind, on Wednesday 10th June at 10:00 a.m. (BST)!

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The series will kick off with “A Glimpse into the Future with Science Partners from Ahren” with speakers including:


  • Alice Newcombe-Ellis – Founding and Managing Partner of Ahren Innovation Capital, an institution that invests at the intersection of deep technology and deep science.
  • Sir Shankar Balasubramanian – Ahren Science Partner, Principal Inventor of the leading next generation human genome sequencing technology core to all Illumina sequencing platforms, estimated to be worth >$30BN.
  • Professor Steve Jackson – Ahren Science Partner, Originator of Olaparib/Lynparza, recently partnered by AstraZeneca with Merck and valued as an asset at up to $17BN and used to treat 30,000 patients worldwide to date.
  • The series will continue, giving you opportunity to engage with each Ahren Science Partner as they apply their expertise and unique insight to the areas of change and development that have the opportunity to create the companies of tomorrow.

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About Ahren Innovation Capital:

Ahren Innovation Capital is an investment institution that supports transformational companies at the intersection of deep tech and deep science that will penetrate, or create, massive markets. Ahren is a unique partnership of investment talent and best-in-class commercial scientists whose technologies are today valued in excess of $100BN combined.

Ahren believes in taking asymmetric, considered, risk that will deliver superior rewards – capturing a generational opportunity to provide smart capital to deep technology.

With a philosophy espousing the importance of relationships and trust, Ahren provides both patient and active capital to exceptional founders and teams, empowering them to succeed.

Ahren’s Founding and Science Partners include:

Alice Newcombe-Ellis, Founder & CEO, formerly an investor at TPG Capital and Lansdowne Partners, Double First Class degree in Mathematics and Master’s in Maths & Physics from the University of Cambridge; Fulbright and Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School.

Sir Shankar Balasubramanian, principal inventor of the leading next generation human genome sequencing technology core to all Illumina sequencing platforms, estimated worth >$30BN.

Professor Roberto Cipolla, Professor of Information Engineering at Cambridge University, Director of Toshiba Research Europe.

Professor John Daugman, Head of Artificial Intelligence Group of Cambridge University, inventor of IRIS (eye) recognition technology used to register 1.5BN citizens worldwide.

Professor Zoubin Ghahramani, world leader in machine learning, co-founder of Geometric Intelligence, sold to Uber for an undisclosed amount.

Professor Steve Jackson, founder/co-founder of three companies and originator of Olaparib/Lynparza, recently partnered by AstraZeneca with Merck and valued as an asset at up to $17BN.

Professor Andy Parker, CERN leader, Head of the Cavendish Laboratory (Physics Department) of Cambridge University.

Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, Nobel prize laureate and President of the Royal Society, the UK’s premier science body.

Lord Martin Rees, world-renowned astrophysicist, Astronomer Royal, founder of CSER, former President of the Royal Society and former Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University.

Sir Gregory Winter, 2018 Nobel laureate, inventor of technology leading to Humira ($18BN sales in 2017, the world’s greatest grossing drug) and founder of three companies. Master of Trinity College, Cambridge University.


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