Our goal is to create outsized returns from the intersection of ground-breaking
science and highest-end technology, with an overarching value of
wishing to have a positive impact on the world.

We Are Deep Tech Experts

Our Founding & Science Partners have deep tech expertise, having created technologies with a combined value of over $100BN today. Our Science Partners are involved throughout the investment process – in sourcing, in the all-important deep-tech diligence, and in supporting businesses to succeed and deliver outsized returns to Ahren’s valued investors.

We Have a Commercial Engine and Unicorn Founder Advisors

We are willing to back a big vision and dedicate support to help founders achieve it. We have a Commercial Engine and Unicorn Founder advisors to help our companies achieve success.

We Have Strategic LP Partnerships

We take pride in our Strategic LP Partnerships: major LPs that we support to be disruptors, not the disrupted in the changes that lie ahead. In return, Strategic LPs provide access, expertise and often customers to our portfolio companies.

We Act with Strong Values

We act with strong values and treat our founders well. Entrepreneurs approach us as a group they trust and respect, and a group that can have a differentiated impact on their success.

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